Polyabuse has been in the hardcore scene since 1996. Its members are seasoned veterans from such legendary punk groups as The Krays and The Truents, and newly formed Suspect Device and Drunken Rampage. They come together because of their friendship and love for hardcore and¬†Puerto Rican roots music. Polyabuse lyrics speak about urban life and personal experiences. Members grew up in pre gentrified New Jersey and NY. They have played at CBGB’s, Coney Island High, Connections, The Rat, The Trash Bar, Pipeline, The Clash Bar, Maxwells, The Stone Pony among many others. Polyabuse has also toured in Puerto Rico.

Polyabuse’s current line up is BJ Torres, Carols Cartagena, Johnny Rosado, ¬†Kenny Fabara and Carlos Rosello.

The Polyabuse Family Tree – Brothers + Sisters (Past Members):
Scot, Oniel Abuse, Carmina (Mimi), Chris Sorensen, Carlos Rosello, Tomek Szabat, Jess Rajs, Adi Evron, James Truent, Pete Truent, Jr. Montalvo